OCEAN Scripting : Getting Started

  • OCEAN is an acronym for Open Command Environment for ANalysis
  • Uses the Cadence SKILL language to configure the design environment

When to use OCEAN?

The basic settings required to perform initial simulations can be done through GUI of Analog Design Environment(ADE).
OCEAN scripting is quite useful, when

  • Running simulation across process corners, supply voltages and temperature
  • Saving data to a file or spreadsheet
  • Nested parametric analysis with lots of parameters to change through GUI( tedious and time consuming)
  • Help to document the results in a systematic way
  • and many more …

Where to start

The best way to start with OCEAN scripting is through the use of a sample script or creating OCEAN script through GUI of Virtuoso ADE.

To create through GUI, open the design of your choice in Virtuoso ADE, make the design ready for simulation by setting model libraries, analysis, etc.,

Then go to Virtuoso ADE >> Session >> Save Ocean Script


Click on Save Ocean Script.

A popup will open asking the file name as shown below.


Change the file-name as you require(in my case it is “mosivchar.ocn”) and then click OK.  The file will be saved in the directory where icfb is invoked.

Running OCEAN script

To run the ocean script, first invoke the ocean environment. For this, in the command-line, type:


This starts the ocean environment, and at command prompt you should see ocean >

Now to run the ocean script at the ocean prompt, type:

 ocean> load "mosivchar.ocn"

Replace “mosivchar.ocn” with your script name.

You can also run ocean script from CIW of icfb by typing load "mosivchar.ocn"


Ocean Reference, Product Version 5.1.41, June 2004

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