Bond wires in Integrated Circuits

[Could not find the bibliography file(s) An integrated circuit on a die is connected to external world through bond wires. Depending on the packaging or assembly technique we use, the bond wire length changes. The self or mutual inductance of the bond wire is directly proportional to length and have […]

What is Electromigration?

Under the conditions of high current densities and high temperatures in metals, there is momentum transfer between conducting electrons and diffusing metal atoms. This causes gradual drift of the ions in the metal in the direction of electron flow and result in mass transport. This process of material transfer is […]

PCB Tips and Tricks

At very high frequencies, the performance limits of high speed circuitry are often determined by printed circuit board layout. So attention has to be paid for grounding, power supply distribution, and signal paths. Before starting layout give enough thought about the signal flow on printed circuit board. Following are few […]