OCEAN Script – 1 : MOS Transistor Characterization

This post provides a sample OCEAN script for MOS transistor characterization. The script is divided into Simulation setup and Run commands and Data access commands. In general Simulation setup and Run commands are common for most of the scripts with minimal deviations, whereas are Data access commands are design or […]

OCEAN Scripting : Basic SKILL Functions

Following are some of the basic SKILL functions, that are extensively used during scripting. ocnWaveformTool() Sets the specified tool as the waveform tool for the current session Syntax: ocnWaveformTool(s_waveformTool) ocnWaveformTool(s_waveformTool) s_waveformTool: awd or wavescan Example: ocnWaveformTool(‘awd) ocnWaveformTool(‘awd)   simulator() Starts an OCEAN session and sets the simulator for that session […]

OCEAN Scripting : Getting Started

OCEAN is an acronym for Open Command Environment for ANalysis Uses the Cadence SKILL language to configure the design environment When to use OCEAN? The basic settings required to perform initial simulations can be done through GUI of Analog Design Environment(ADE). OCEAN scripting is quite useful, when Running simulation across […]

Extract pages from or merge files into a pdf file in Ubuntu

Using pdftops and ps2pdf To convert pdf to eps file pdftops -eps filename.pdf pdftops -eps filename.pdf Converts filename.pdf to filename.eps if there is only one page To extract few pages from a pdf file pdftops -f fpn -l lpn filename.pdf – | ps2pdf – filename_ext.pdf pdftops -f fpn -l lpn […]

Environment variable in bash or tcsh

The syntax for setting an environment variable under UNIX/Linux depend on the shell that you are using. The syntax for bash/sh shell is export <variable name> = <variable name>:<new value1>:<new value2> export <variable name> =<variable name>:<new value1>:<new value2> For tcsh/csh shell set <variable name> = ($<variable name> <new value1> […]

Handling graphic files from a common directory in LaTeX

I always prefer to place all graphic files under a common directory, for example GraphicsDir, because it is the easy way to manage graphic files at one location and can be reused in multiple reports. But in latex documents we use includegraphics command to include images in the document. The […]

User control sequences in LaTex

Frequently used expressions in Latex can be reproduced with little effort by user control sequences. They are defined using newcommand and the syntax is, \newcommand{name}[num]{definition} \newcommand{name}[num]{definition} {name} : Name of the command you want to create [num] : optional argument that specifies the number of argument that the newcommand accepts. […]

Bibliography for LaTex documents

References versus Bibliography References contain a complete list of all the sources (books, journal articles, websites, etc.) that you have cited directly in a document. That means that if there are in-text citations for a source there is a reference list entry, and vice versa. Bibliography, on the other hand, […]

MatLab Startup

At startup time, MATLAB automatically executes the file matlabrc.m . This function establishes the MATLAB path, sets the default figure size, and sets some uicontrol defaults. matlabrc At startup time, MATLAB automatically executes the file matlabrc.m . This function establishes the MATLAB path, sets the default figure size, and sets […]