Say no to “Questions?” or “Thank you!” slides

Some people believe the need for “Questions?” or “Thank you” slides at the end of a talk. To my knowledge, it is one of the popular styles to end a talk or presentation.

I questioned my self in the following way to come to a conclusion on whether to follow this style or not.

  • How informative are the slides “Questions?” or “Thank you”
    It is obvious that a speaker always allocate time for answering questions. Displaying a “Questions?” or “Thank you” slide quite for some time while you answer questions is not informative. Instead if you display a message, audience can pay attention to your message, think further and will take-home
  • What kind of message it could be?
    People remember the best, what you say on the last slide or end of the talk. So if you leave a key message of your talk, key issues or finding of your work, recommended actions or an image, etc., on the last slide, it will be more effective
  • Is “Thank you” not required?
    To acknowledge and appreciate the attention of your audience, just say “Thank you for your attention” or “Thank you” at the end of talk and leave it there

Most people recommend to avoid them for the above reasons, and finally I also would prefer to say no to “Questions?” or “Thank you!” slides.

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