Useful Links

Cadence OCEAN Scripting

  • Homer Reid’s OCEAN Tutorial
    He created a more user friendly front-end program, HOFE for OCEAN. In his words, “Specifically, hofe provides command-line editing and history, a paging feature to prevent the simulator’s output from scrolling off the top of the screen, a syntax-checking mechanism to prevent you from accidentally entering commands that could hang the ocean parser, some command aliases to shortcut long commands, and more.”
  • Electronic Design Description Automation(EDDA) is a collection of scripts created to simplify the process of running ocean simulations and create design documentation.
    The system consists of two parts:
    1) Skill scripts to be used in the Cadence OCEAN environment to launch simulations and log simulation results. 2) The PlainDoc script pddd (based on the pd2tex tool written by Sampo Kellomäki) to capture the simulation results into graphs and tables and create human readable design documentation (HTML and PDF documents). An example EDDA design description may look like this.
  • Virginia: OCEAN Tutorial on CMOS inverter for transient analysis, PTMs and Process corners, and PTMs and Monte Carlo analysis